another reason to buy the 11in macbook air -- TSA: MacBook Air Can Stay In Bag at Security Check

Going to the airport will be slightly less miserable for MacBook Air owners: Apple’s new ultra-thin notebook need not be removed from a bag at security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration told CNN that the 11-inch Air, like the iPad, can stay inside bags when passing through the checkpoint. However, the TSA hasn’t yet determined whether the 13-inch Air can stay inside a bag or must be removed.

The 11-incher gains special clearance because it’s “smaller than a standard-sized laptop,” says TSA. (Netbooks and e-book readers fall under this category as well, according to a TSA blog post on smaller gadgets.)

The 13-inch Air, however, is the same size as most notebooks, so it can’t fly through the checkpoint just yet. Still, it’s puzzling why the 13-incher would get treated differently, considering it’s got the same insides: built-in flash memory, a battery and a fan — no optical drive to cram anything shady inside.

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Photo: Jim Merithew/