FINALLY THE TRUTH!!! @arrington Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell

arrington's/techrunch best post ever.   great journalism calling out true bullshit.  i am an investor and was interim CEO in an offer company that eventually did $100 million in revenue (after I left).  the offer space is a piece of shit.

it is just a matter of time until this implodes.  advertisers will compute their true cost of acquisition/user value.


Stealing crops is big business in asian farming games
article quote:
Some fear that this new social farming revolution may not contribute to the positive development of society. A central feature of social farm games in China is stealing vegetables. Official state media People’s Daily reports that 70 percent of users on Kaixin001 cite it as their favorite feature, and it has even spawned the popular phrase How many vegetables have you stolen today?” This key addictive feature has created news stories of business executives “obsessed” with stealing vegetables and broken relationships over vegetables stolen on the night shift.