Word Ace and Card Ace updates bring in-app gift purchasing to Palm Pre #palm

Word AceRecently updated to version 1.1.0, Self Aware Games’ popular games Word Ace and Card Ace: Hold ‘Em now both come packaged with the ability to buy gifts for other players. In this first roll-out players can purchase drinks, ranging from a simple cup of coffee to the ridiculously extravagant diamond martini. Of course, those are all good for opponents that you like, but what of those you can’t stand? Seeing as these are Self Aware apps, the sense of humor remains intact with the option to send your sworn enemy a bottle of poison.

Word Ace and Card Ace have both also gained the ability to rate players with thumbs ups and thumbs downs. Clearly giving a thumb up is a good thing and will publicly reflect well on players, but a lot of thumbs down will garner the attention of the staff. And as developer Seppo Helava said, players that get their attention “won't like what happens.” [insert evil laughter here]

And that’s not all. Since the games were released both Card Aces and Word Ace have been free to use. While you can buy chips and now gifts in game, if you so desire you can show the love with an in-game donation.

i love this game!

i/o Ventures – A Work/Cafe Incubator Launches In San Francisco

A small group of high profile startup executives are preparing to launch their next venture – a workspace incubator and angel investment fund called i/o ventures that aims to help new startups get a start with some initial capital and a cool place to work. The company is located in San Francisco.

The four partners include former Aber Whitcomb (former MySpace CTO), Ashwin Navin (former President and Co-founder of BitTorrent and former corporate development exec at Yahoo), Jim Young (cofounder HotOrNot) and Paul Bragiel (cofounder of Lefora and Meetro).

i/o ventures is a 7,000 square foot office building located at 780 Valencia is San Francisco. Most of the space has been fitted for work, with 40+ desks and conference rooms.

Anyone can pay to work there for a day or longer at a rate of $150/month/desk (a bargain). The catch is the desks are shared, which means you may be at a different one each day. You keep your stuff in a locker. Electricity and Internet is included.

But the real point of i/o ventures is to incubate startups. They’re taking applications for the first class of startups in their accelerator program. You get space at their office for 4 months (plus another two months if you need it) and $25,000 in seed money. Each of the five companies in each class gives up “around 8%” of their equity for the investments and space.

i/o ventures also providing mentoring from a long list of entrepreneurs and investors who have promised to stop by frequently. I’m one of those mentors, and I plan to work from their offices for a few days each month (I’m not being compensated in any way for this).

The cherry on top is the i/o ventures cafe, a 2,000 square foot retail cafe open to the public. The cafe opens its doors around February 1.

The first batch of startups take residence on March 1. Apply here. You must move to the bay area to be part of the program, and your living expense are your problem. The partners tell me that founders absolutely, positively cannot crash out at i/o ventures because the space isn’t zoned for residential use. They also noted that there are showers at the location, and suggested that they may turn a blind eye, unofficially you understand, to the odd sleeping bag in the office.

The team sent over a few pictures of what the space looks like today (taken by Mike Czupryn). It’s not much to look at today, but you can get an idea for how it may look when it’s finished. There’s also a conceptual drawing that we added to their CrunchBase profile.

i/o Ventures image

Website: ventures.io
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Founded: January, 2010

i/o ventures is an early stage startup program that focuses heavily on its mentorship.

We work closely with founders from product launch through the next stage of company development, sharing what has proven to work for product scaling, revenue… Learn More

Aber Whitcomb image

Companies: MySpace, i/o Ventures

Aber Whitcomb (born 1977) is the CTO and a founder of MySpace. He graduated from the University of Washington and was born and raised in Bellingham. He has the third account ever created on MySpace. Learn More

Ashwin Navin image

Companies: BitTorrent, Crunchyroll, Mochi Media, Yahoo!, Goldman Sachs, i/o Ventures, OpenDNS

Ashwin Navin was the President and Co-founder of BitTorrent until August 2008. He hails from Yahoo where he was an influential member of the company’s Corporate Development group. He possesses extensive experience in structuring and negotiating… Learn More

Jim Young image

Website: jimy.org
Companies: HOT or NOT, i/o Ventures

Jim Young co-founded HOTorNOT with James Hong in 2000, and is now an angel investor. Learn More

Paul Bragiel image

Companies: Meetro, Lefora, Paragon Five, i/o Ventures

Paul Bragiel is the co-founder chief executive of Lefora, a product bringing forums into the 21st century.

Previously he co-founded and served as CEO of Meetro, the first location based social network. Before that he was the of CEO of Paragon… Learn More

Information provided by CrunchBase

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