Word Ace makes the jump into the physical realm - precentral.net writeup!

Word Ace Cards

Easily one of the most popular and original games for webOS, Word Ace’s developers at Self Aware Games have made the jump into the physical realm. If you’ll take a trip back in time with us, Word Ace’s development actually began in the physical form, so the folks at Self Aware Games knew that the game would work as cards. So they made cards.

Word Ace Card Back

A limited-run of 102-card Word Ace decks has been produced and they’re available to you, the eager buying public. Each Word Ace deck also comes with an instructional leaflet that’s been hand numbered and signed by the development team. Interested? A single deck will run you $24.99 - hop on over to the Self Aware Games website for more instruction. And check out that crazy awesome card back, would ya?

[via: The MX Web]

Congrats to the SAG team!!! Word Ace just rocks!!!

Social gaming is still missing its Super Mario Bro's


i totally agree...  someone needs to innovate and create something not farm, fish, cafe, poker, or mafila related...  i think the zynga games have just revealed a compelling game format/layout (i.e.  social mechanics, harvesting, virtual goods, etc).  but the games aren't innovative aka pacman, pong, tetris, street fighter.

go SC!  :)