Behemoth bruin terrorizes Incline Village homes

I have a refrigerator in the garage. He opened it up, drank a gallon of orange juice, opened the freezer above and munched two frozen pizzas and snacked on frozen chicken," Philpott said. "He broke all the shelves and racks out of the refrigerator, bit into some fruit punch and squirted it all over everywhere, then dragged the trash can outside and took a crap the size of a basketball on the front lawn.

i love this bear

Word Ace and Card Ace updates bring in-app gift purchasing to Palm Pre #palm

Word AceRecently updated to version 1.1.0, Self Aware Games’ popular games Word Ace and Card Ace: Hold ‘Em now both come packaged with the ability to buy gifts for other players. In this first roll-out players can purchase drinks, ranging from a simple cup of coffee to the ridiculously extravagant diamond martini. Of course, those are all good for opponents that you like, but what of those you can’t stand? Seeing as these are Self Aware apps, the sense of humor remains intact with the option to send your sworn enemy a bottle of poison.

Word Ace and Card Ace have both also gained the ability to rate players with thumbs ups and thumbs downs. Clearly giving a thumb up is a good thing and will publicly reflect well on players, but a lot of thumbs down will garner the attention of the staff. And as developer Seppo Helava said, players that get their attention “won't like what happens.” [insert evil laughter here]

And that’s not all. Since the games were released both Card Aces and Word Ace have been free to use. While you can buy chips and now gifts in game, if you so desire you can show the love with an in-game donation.

i love this game!