Jason Calacanis: Google Buzz Is Brilliant. Like Ground-Breaking, Game-Changing Brilliant. Facebook Just Lost Half Its Value

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Yesterday, we published Jason Calacanis's first reaction to Google Buzz, which was that Facebook is toast.  Below, in a note to his email list, Jason puts some meat on that thesis.  You can sign up for Jason's excellent email here >

My 30 second review of Google Buzz:

1. Google Buzz 1.0 is better than Facebook after six or seven years.

2. Facebook's history is one filled with stealing other people's
innovations and doing them better (i.e. Zuckerberg has stolen every
idea Evan Williams and the Twitter team have released). How ironic now
that Google has out "Facebooked" Facebook.

3. Google has an excellent privacy record and Facebook is a disaster.
Most folks do not trust Zuckerberg and Facebook any more because of
their privacy record (filled with lawsuits) and because they steal
every good idea they see (i.e. Twitter's innovations and FourSquare's
checking in).

4. Google Buzz auto generates your network--this is MUCH better
process than Facebook's.

5. Google Buzz is way faster than the sluggish Facebook--this is a
HUGE advantage.

6. Google Buzz puts relies and updates into your GMAIL as
threads--this is BRILLIANT and a HUGE advantage.

Facebook is going to see their traffic get cut in half by Google Buzz.

This really is game over for Facebook because you know Microsoft and
Aol are going to copy Google Buzz as quick as they can. In fact, Aol
would have a HUGE renaissance if they simply knocked off Google Buzz's
exact feature set. You would than have a reason to keep your @aol
email address.

This could actually derail the Facebook IPO. It's that serious.
Facebook usage is going to plummet in the next year or two because of
this. There really is no reason for non-game playing people who use
GMAIL to log into Facebook.

If Google Ads social gaming to Google Buzz Facebook is 2012's Pointcast.

i usually don't agree with jason but i do on this one. i think google finally did something right. the key is that the social graph is auto-populated. it is working so well that my buzz is overloaded. however, google can easily address/filter this in the future.

Palin Unqualified To Be President, Says Vast Majority Of America

The spotlight has been bright, not necessarily kind to former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 71% of Americans do not feel that Palin is qualified to be President. That includes a sharp drop in Republican support, where 45% believe she is qualified compared to 66% who thought she was last fall.

Overall, 37% have a favorable view while 55% have an unfavorable view of the former Alaska Governor.

Palin has been able to count on support from the Tea Party, but the Washington Post indicates that the movement itself has split favorability and is poorly understood:

Nearly two-thirds of those polled say they know just some, very little or nothing about what the tea party movement stands for. About one in eight says they know "a great deal" about the positions of tea party groups, but the lack of information does not erase the appeal: About 45 percent of all Americans say they agree at least somewhat with tea partiers on issues, including majorities of Republicans and independents.

The movement's supporters were identified as, "overwhelmingly white, mostly conservative and generally disapproving of Obama."

If Palin intends to become a key player in Washington, she would share something in common with those already there. The poll also shows that two out of every three Americans are "dissatisfied" or "angry" at the federal government. That's the worst result for Washington in nearly 14 years.

In another revealing question, the poll found that taxpayers estimate 53% of their money is "wasted."

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i'd like to meet some of the 37% that feel Palin is qualified to be our next President.

The Great Zynga Roll-up Of 2010 Begins!

Mark Pincus of Zynga
Zynga has acquired social gaming company Serious Business for an undisclosed amount of money.

Zynga raised $180 million from DST back in December, so it can afford to pick up a small company like this.

Social Business makes games for Facebook, which fits in with Zynga, obviously.

This looks like it was about acquiring some talent.

According to Crunchbase, Serious Business has raised $4 million in funding, and was founded in 2008.

See Also: Zynga's Secret To Success: Steal Great Ideas!

i wonder if zynga will ever innovate to grow...

Facebook Sent Cease And Desists To Companies That Help People Quit Facebook

hangman noose gallows execution death hanging
Between Facebook and Twitter and visible follower lists on Google Buzz, some people are deciding to step off the grid and get a little privacy back.

Web sites such as Web 2.0 Suicide Machine and Seppukoo help "turbocharge the otherwise laborious manual process of scrapping your online self," USA Today reported.

Seppukoo -- tag line, "Assisting your virtual suicide" -- has helped 20,000 people erase themselves from Facebook and other social networking sites; Web 2.0 Suicide Machine has been used by 2,600 people in its two-month history.

Facebook, however, is not a fan. It has not only blocked the servers of both sites but also sent cease and desist letters informing the companies that they are violating Facebook's policies by collecting log in data, the article said.

A programmer who helped create Suicide Machine said they've figured out a way around the server blockage and that they are not collecting login information -- the users are coming to them with the info. They also are considering hiring their own attorneys.

Seppukoo, on the other hand, is considering its response. "We have postponed any decisions until after our next Anti Social NotWorking art project comes out in the next weeks," a rep for the group connected with the site told USA Today.

While Facebook is up in arms, Twitter is taking a more laid back approach. It has "no issues with people who want to leave," spokesman Seth Garrett told the paper. "Our research shows that quite often they come back later."

Read the full USA Today story, including tales of those shutting down their social networking-selves, here.

how lame